Tile Grid
About this sample

TileGrid is our newest presteation only availalbe in UMG 9.x, many innovative feautures are included this viewer with a nice and attractive Tile effect.


  • Fully resonsive / fluid layout
  • Mobile friendly, actually TileGrid  is our recommend mobile presentation.
  • Unlimited albums support, even child albums
  • iPhone-style app icon group for child albums
  • Support HTML 5 full screen mode, no plugin required 
  • Support images, videos, audios and embeded media, HTML 5 video/audio player will be adopted when Flash plugin is not available
  • Touch & Swipe on mobile devices, it automatically detects the device being used, and allows touch & swipe when possible.
  • Exclusive tile effect, open an album and resize your browser window to see how it works.
  • Admin users can Highlight some items, highlighted items are displayed in 2x2 grid.
  • Automatically align media thumbnails, including highlighted and not highlighted items.
  • Share a media on social websites
  • Users can Like a media
  • Users can comment a media
  • Record & show the view history of current media
  • Tons of options to customize, download the trial version and try it by yourself.
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