Ultra Media Gallery feature highlights
  • One product, many use.
  • Support images, videos (.flv / .mp4), audios(.mp3), flash movies(.swf) and embeded media.
  • Comes with 20+ selected presentations (viewers).
  • You can choose a major presentation for each gallery, and a Fallback Choice for mobile devices.
  • Automatically detects if the client use a mobile device, such as smart phones and tablets.
  • Most presentations are jQuery powered, no plugin required.
  • Many presentations support responsive / fluid layout.
  • Many presentations are mobile friendly with touch & swipe support.
  • You can host multiple kinds of media in a single mixed gallery.
  • Fully tested with all major platforms so you can expect all of your visitors can see your gallery properly.
Add / manage albums
  • Organize media by albums, unlimited albums per gallery
  • Support child albums
  • Use mouse drag & drop to easily resort albums.
  • When Auto Resize is enabled, images uploaded to an album will be resized automatically.
  • UMG can subscribe to any media RSS feed (MRSS).
  • Supports Flickr and Picasa RSS feed.
  • Automatically refresh subscribed albums periodically.
  • Quickly edit basic information of an album in lightbox window.
Add / manage media
  • You can select media types to be supported in each gallery instance.
  • Automatic thumbnail creation, thumbnail size is adjustable.
  • Select and upload bulk files at one time.
  • HTML 5 Drag-n-drop upload support.
  • Automatically read Taken Date from photos if presented.
  • Automatically read GPS coordinates from photos if presented.
  • You can manualy mark taken place if GPS coordinates is not presented.
  • Import media from your server folder.
  • Add a media from internet URL.
  • Add a video from Youtube URL or Youtube embed code.
  • Add a media from any piece of HTML code.
  • Upload files by FTP, let UMG to synchronize them.
  • Choose default sorting field, which could be created date, photo taken date, file name, or digits in file name.
  • Default sorting field can be changed at any time.
  • Use mouse drag & drop to manually resort media.
  • Rotate images to left side or right side.
  • Media can be transfered to another album.
  • Quickly edit basic information of a media in lightbox window.
  • Gallery Manage permission can be given to a DNN role to fully access a gallery.
  • Album Add permission can be given to DNN roles, which allows these users to add media in specefic album.
  • Album Manage permission can be given to DNN roles, which allows these users to moderate / manage media in specefic album.
  • Album Manage permission can also be given by setting an user as Album Owner.
  • Album View permission can be used to control which roles can see an album.
  • Permissions can also be set on individual users.
  • You can assign a semi-transparent watermark, which will be attached to new uploaded media.
  • Optional media approval process.
  • Use Disk Quota feature to limit the maximum media an user can upload.
  • A free file can be attached to each media as raw file, raw files are saved in secured place.
  • UMG publish RSS feed (MRSS).
  • UMG can be seamlessly integrated with Amazon S3, UMG files can be automatically transfered to Amazon S3 server.
  • UMG can be integrated with Ultra Video Gallery 4.x+, with this integration, UMG allows you to upload videos in any formats and UVG will be used for video encoding.
  • UMG can be integrated with DNN Journal, when a media/comment is added/deleted, UMG notifies author's profile and all social groups the author belongs to.
  • When integrated with DNN Journal, images displayed in journal list can be turned to links back to your gallery (example).
  • When used with Social Group Profile, each social group can contribute and see their own albums / media.
  • You can use UMG-SocialDigger together with DNN Journal, which displays a full list of media posted by current user or members of current social group (example).
  • Fully localizable.
  • Search media via DNN search or UMG's dedicated search module.
  • Share media by Email or direct URL.
  • Support Tag Cloud.
  • Many presentations offer social share links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ...
  • Many presentations support keyboard control, use left and right allow keys for quick navigation.
  • Some presentations display EXIF information when view a media.
  • You can like & comment a media.
  • Display media in calendar view.
  • When GPS coordinates is available, you can show media on Google Maps as many markers, hover on a marker to see media in nearby places.
  • Play videos / audios with HTML 5 video/audio player when Flash plugin is not available, so our videos / audios work on iPhone / iPad.
  • Download raw files attached to media.
  • If price is set, you can sell raw files. Payment is made by Paypal.
  • Many presentations offers tons of configuration options to customize colors, appearance and behaviors.
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