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Subject: more Detail for an in-depth look at transmog farming?
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03/27/2020 1:56 AM  
Rare pet finding

Another method to make a little bit of cash is through finding rare Battle Pets and selling them to other players who would pay tremendous amounts of money just so they will be able to add a unique find to their collection. These sell quite well and since unusual Battle Pets are found across almost every activity in World of Warcraft it is not that hard to come across them.

You don't even have to train your Pet Battle skills or to learn how this system works. All you need to do is to check at Auction House which of them are selling for a good amount and gain knowledge on how to obtain them. After that, just head over to your chosen farm spot and you can start to farm. One of the best spots known is at Hillsbrad Foothills (Horde restricted) where you can farm Black Tabby Cats. Various Drakelings like Brown or Azure ones might also be profitable so check their prices and try to find the best location to kill them.


Quite a simple thing which is very similar to pet collecting. Players often pay a fair price for some of the toys like Big Red Raygun or Sylvanas' Music Box and you can get them mostly from simple PvE content. They sell quite often but don't be discouraged if some of them will take their time on the Auction House. The demand for toys is not stable and sometimes you just have to be patient but since collectors often look for the pieces that they do not possess, you can be almost certain that every toy that you come across will sell someday.


This is quite a special group of items that you can acquire for profit since most of the mounts are untradeable. If you want to sell them or buy them, you’d need to trade the whole account which you can do at our marketplace. In fact, a very little number of them can be traded but there are some exceptions of fantastic and useful creatures that you can capture. Among them, you can find Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent, Dune Scavenger, Sky Golem, and Sandstone Drake. The last two are always on high demand which makes them very profitable since Sky Golem allows you to collect resources from the ground without kicking you off the mount and the Sandstone Drake allows you to transport one person besides yourself. Some of them are straight-up drops from bosses, some from regular mobs while others are crafted through professions and various recipes but all of the sellable mounts are profitable without a doubt.

Raw gold farms

This is not a one-time huge jump for a cash but more of a consistent thing that you can do to build up your bank. Farming Raw gold is probably the most reliable way to make your way up to the Token. To do so you need to find a place where a large number of items with a decent value drop and sell them all. The most common spots where people try to gain raw gold are the old raids. There you can easily clear all of the monsters and bosses and gain the loot which was meant for 20 or even 40 people.

It might seem too good to be true but in fact, it is not. Old items, even if they come from the raids do not sell for a lot, which means that you will have to complete many of them to collect a fair bit of cash. On top of that, some of them are quite time consuming since you have to watch "roleplay" done by NPCs and wait for various events to occur. Because of that, it will be important to wisely choose which ones are worth being done and which not. Remember that raids can be done only once a week for each difficulty.


The most obvious way to make gold goes through the professions. You can use them to your advantage as a gold making method, but their profitability highly depends on the state of the game. At the beginning of every expansion, resources are in high demand and therefore the prices of all goods made through the professions are high as well. It means that professions are highly profitable at that time. Later in the game, the market is sated and the value of everything falls so you need to pay close attention to pricing before investing in this money-making method. Always remember these terms: supply and demand. Filling people's needs is what makes professions viable. You need to know what to produce in order to supply the market in things that will easily sell for a decent profit.

Gathering professions can also be a nice addition to your daily gold made. Even if you don't want to invest your time into straight-up farming, you can simply pick two gathering skills like Herbalism and Mining and collect all the resources that you come across on your journey. Again this is especially profitable during the early stages of expansion when the new resources are being released and both their costs and demand are at maximum. After the raid release you can also expect the best profits in the evenings when most people tend to raid but you won’t earn much if you sell your goods a day before the reset so always wait for it.


This one takes a deeper knowledge of the game and the market on your server, some strategic thinking and ability to predict incoming changes of item prices. Flipping items on the Auction House is a popular method that is known in many online games as "buy for less and sell for more". To do it you need to find items growing in prices or those that are currently sold below the real market value and post them on the Auction House for more. It sounds simple but in fact, it is the hardest method exclusive for the most experienced players. You can easily make a bank on this method if you are good at it so it is most certainly worth your time to learn how to play with prices on AH.

Also, if you need WOW classic Gold while playing, you can go to to search for and get some, it can deliver quickly and make your game easier.
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