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Subject: air, the vicissitudes
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08/07/2019 8:41 PM  
air, the vicissitudes of sorrow have smashed your cheeks, the time has reflected your years, the time has written your pricelessness, you are waiting for me to return home in the sunset, you are full of care under the secluded lights, in the morning You start to wash, and you support your home in your life. Grow up, everywhere is your scent of scent, life trajectory, full of your silent give. The mother-in-law is the same, the mother-in-law moves, the mother loves the mountain, and the ancients remain unchanged; the crows feed back, the lambs suck the milk, the grace is like the sea, the eternal heart; the wandering is far away, the waters are thousands of mountains, the mother-in-law is holding, the spring is stretching. When I was a child, my mother was a tree, and it was a storm for the children, so that the children could rely on them. When they were young, the mother was the standard, pointing out the direction for the children; letting the children grow up healthy and happy; when they were adults, the mother was a warm harbor, no matter how lonely You have a home. Maternal love is a kind of warm and soft radiance, a kind of music that is mellow and not greasy, a calm and calm, a kind of atmosphere without complaints and no regrets, a smile that will not be noisy and always warm, one It washes the extreme indifferent, a thick, no-sound, unattainable height. Mother love is like a mountain, mother love is like water, and mother love is boundless. Flying needles are routed, and endless thoughts are woven with love; seams are supplemented, and the lack of life is filled with love. The pinhole is dense, and I hope that the wanderer will return. The mother's love is like water, and it will always shine with the glory of the years. In October, the mother is not easy; when the child falls, the mother is the hardest; the child grows up, the mother is the most tired; the children become talented, the mother is the most proud mother love is the hardship when confused; the mother love is the eagerness when traveling; the mother love is helpless A kind smile at the time; maternal love is the voice of encouragement when falling [url=]Carton Of Cigarettes[/url]. Mother love is like a cup of fragrant tea, we need to savor it; maternal love is a ship, carrying us from juvenile to maturity; maternal love is a sea, giving us a happy harbor. Mother, a glass of sweet wine, tastes warm but heart; mother, is a pot of fragrant tea, drink a cup of hard to find homesickness. Motherly love is as blue as the sky, giving us a space to soar; maternal love is as warm as the sun, giving us the splendor of life; maternal love is as deep as the ocean [url=]Marlboro Lights[/url], giving us a harbor to park. Walking through thousands of mountains and waters, watching the red dust, after the ups and downs, tasted the ups and downs, only the mother's care has not wavered [url=]Newport Cigarettes[/url]. Time flies, we grow up in the mother's warm care, the mother always gives us a warm and timely delivery, let us live in the mundane world forever, the character of the person, without losing the innocence of the person Dogs are not too poor, and they are not ugly. The greatest love in the world is more than maternal love. Honoring parents is the fine traditional virtue of our country. Parents give us love never to return. Today, we must know how to be grateful and learn to be grateful. The mother is the one who deserves our most gratitude. As long as we are, we are worthy of the parental support, but the blessings of our parents are hard to repay in our lifetime. We can only let parents live happily, be healthy and healthy, and worry less about their children. This is the biggest reward. May the mothers of the world live happily ever after, be healthy and healthy, and be happy forever!

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