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Subject: People often say
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06/03/2019 1:52 AM  
People often say: "There is heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou." The beauty of Hangzhou, the beauty of the West Lake, countless poems and songs are shining in her graceful shadows. Today, I came to the West Lake, I finally can see her Fang Rong when standing on the edge of the West Lake, I really understand why the literati have so loved the West Lake since ancient times [url=]Marlboro Red[/url]. The water in the West Lake is bright and calm, and the crystal is like a mirror. If the wind slid through the lake, it would pick up a layer of fine blue waves, like the lace on the girl's skirt. The misty, thin, thin surface of the lake is like a mysterious and beautiful veil. In the distance, the mountains are empty and undulating, surrounded by a pool of clear water, dotted the entire West Lake and then walked forward, then came to the broken bridge. Since ancient times, there has been a beautiful legend in the broken bridge. It is the bridge between the white snake and the Xuxian and Bai Niangzi. They are on the bridge with an umbrella, warm and romantic. And I also bought a West Lake silk umbrella with interest, and supported the exquisite red umbrella, enjoying the charming scenery of the West Lake, enjoying leisurely on the bridge and enjoying the elegant Jiangnan style. After the broken bridge, it was to the White Dyke. The scenery on the white embankment is particularly beautiful, the scenery is pleasant, wide and bright, a row of weeping willows near the road, and a peach tree, a peach and a willow, are intertwined on one side of the lakeshore. Although the peach blossoms are now in full bloom [url=]Marlboro Gold[/url], the weeping willows are still unique. The green leaves are covered with soft wicker and staggered in the breeze [url=]Carton Of Cigarettes[/url]. Strolling in the green Yangyin, looking back at the West Lake, the lake is covered with green, and the mountains are covered with green. If you walk in the middle of the painting, it is a good place to watch the lotus. Looking around, it��s really "the sky is endless and the leaves are infinite, and the lotus flowers are different." Closer view, the lotus field in the clear water, dense and dense. Some of the lotus flowers are in full bloom, and the wind is in the air; some are hidden in the blue bushes, fresh and elegant. Looking at the beautiful scenery in front of me, I can't help but sing the poems of praise for West Lake. Indulge in the warmth of this lake, let the poetry and paintings flow slowly along the way, all the way. We visited the "Xiyin Yinshe" and indulged in the atmosphere of literature and art; we paid tribute to the Yuewang Temple and felt the pride of Yue Fei's loyalty to the country; we stepped on the Su Di and tasted Su Dongpo "to make the West Lake better than the West, light makeup" The poems that are always appropriate, then we arrived at the dock. Take a boat from here, go boating in the West Lake, and feel the water scenery of the West Lake. The boat sailed smoothly and slowly on the lake, and the lake looked open and calm. A slight milky white mist. The boat sailed across the lake and rolled up a string of tiny waves, like flowing pearls. Unconsciously, the front is the "Three Pools of the Moon", one of the ten scenic spots of the West Lake. Three ancient gourd-shaped towers stand on the deserted lake. I can't help but think of it: Every Mid-Autumn Festival, when the moon is empty, the water and the sky are reflected, the candles are lit in the tower, and the moon shines up and down, which constitutes the beauty of the Three Pools. The visitors who came to enjoy the moon paddle the silver glory of the lake [url=][/url], pinned the infinite feelings, and forgot to return to the ship, and gradually took a road, we went to the Leifeng Tower to suppress the millennial white lady. After crossing the wide and wide steps, I finally reached the front of Leifeng Tower. I looked up to this magnificent and solemn tower. There are five floors. The tower is eight-faced, decorated with rich and elegant, beautifully decorated, beautiful and antique. We turned the Leifeng Tower one by one, watched the site of the Guleifeng Tower, and enjoyed the calligraphy and calligraphy of different styles. We also visited the exquisite wood carvings... The top of the tower was overlooked, the West Lake was full of smoke, and the water The sky is full of colors, the smokers are green, and each other stretches. The oasis in the lake is lush and green [url=]Parliament Cigarettes[/url], like a jasper sinking in the water. A beautiful landscape painting is goodbye to the Leifeng Tower. Our trip to the West Lake is over. Reluctantly waved, every exciting place in West Lake will be my good memories.

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