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Subject: "Eggplant! Pumpkin
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03/07/2019 2:39 AM  
"Eggplant! Pumpkin!..." The grandson smiled brightly, under the beautiful red tree of Mei Rui, "��������" []Newport Cigarettes Types[/url], making clear photos []Newport 100 Carton[/url], letting the spring fun, fixing the eternal memory for a moment, I am very warm, great grandson What about your face? Smile in the middle, fat, round and moist, in the edge of the ancient city wall of Guihu, the thick and lovely, handsome and wise, climbing the tree, and the Meirui flowers against the sun, is a childish Children's time, a little bit of fusion, Weicheng a bright landscape conjecture, Lichun has passed, "wind and rain to return to spring, flying snow to spring. It is already a cliff of Baizhang ice, there are still flowers and branches. Pretty is not contesting spring, only spring to report. When the mountain flowers are rotten, she laughs in the bushes. "There are silent poets, walking in the early spring and cold and cold, the sky is the sun; the wind is blowing the face; the Meri is the blooming bud; Everything, wake up sprouting sprouts, take the ed, the splendid beauty is the lens; the photos are bright and bright, and the heavens are happy to swim. In the middle of a hurry, looking for in the middle of Meri, in the heart of Meri,... In the past, it brings the fragrance all the way, and it floats all over the sky. From the winter, the spring is still floating, until one day, it falls into the mud, returning to the true, and it��s not discerning the truth. The happiness messenger, listening to live a hundred-year-old ancestors once said that the plum fairy is beautiful in the Temple of Heaven, the body is light and pretty, and the graceful and graceful, especially in colorful costumes, the glamorous, horrified the whole heaven, is the Queen Mother With Guanyin Bodhisattva, I feel the winter land, ice and snow, impregnating all things withered []Marlboro Light Cigarettes[/url], the cold wind whistling, squatting, invading humans and everything, the winter is difficult, the misery is unspeakable, and the special plum blossom fairy falls to the dust, for the whole one Colorful and colorful, tempting and radiant, soothing thousands of creatures, gorgeous scenery, in the cold winter, Mei Rui blooms numerous, spring will have a few far-fragile land, waiting for the spring mud valley Fengdeng. "Spring is full of Qiankun Fumanmen." A strain of plum tree is a blessing, Xiangrui flies, and the order is in any place in the earth, Lanes, Park Square, courtyard community, tourism scenery, family space, wilderness, In the fields, the mountains are high and the water is long... The flowers of Meirui are so fragrant, how can they not attract countless people, such as bees, flowers, and feet, to go with the fairy of Mei, to love in a season, to sing for the song of winter, sing The Spring Festival songs, like many middle-aged and old people's square dances, praise the new life, come to the spring as soon as possible, so that the spring and the spring are infinite, the body is healthy, the blessings are congratulated, and you are happy to have a broken bridge. Lonely and open without the Lord. It��s been dusk alone, it��s more windy and rainy. I have no intention of competing for spring, and I am a group. The zero-falling mud is used for dusting, only the fragrance is as it is. Suddenly, I thought about the Song Dynasty Lu You Psalms. I was really filled with emotions. The poet��s feelings, in his pen, condensed, showing how sad and helpless: the station is outside the broken bridge. Plum blossoms are lonely, lonely and alone. Come and enjoy. In the evening, the solitude alone is hard enough. It is also hit by the wind and rain. It blooms at the head of the flowers. But it has no heart to enjoy the spring with the flowers, only let the flowers go to the total. Even if the flowers fall and are crushed As a dust, there is still a permanent fragrance to stay in the world. I am speechless and I think about my life journey. In fact, the poems of Lu You are not the poet's high-spirited festival. Lingzhi is independent, bright and open, and is beaten by the wind and hurts. Do not forget the initial heart, singularly silent, in the Guangsha air desert bloom, Mei Rui stunned, not looking forward to winter, spring hope, will be a lifelong wish, always stay in the white and the world, poetic dance to explain the great man Mao Zedong and the poet Lu You's "Bu operator []Newport Carton[/url], ��÷" poetry, but the poetry of the two poems is magnified, soft and beautiful, all in poetry and painting, and the words are brave and far-reaching, and the feelings of living alone, rushing to the Han, and the world, Goodness, ... In short, the beauty of Mei Rui, the wind and the cold, in the world for us, is not as beautiful as the fairyland, the winter is the land, soaring and the spring flowers are walking in the world of Meri, regardless of the world []Newport Cigarettes Carton Price[/url]. Health is the first. As long as the conditions permit, I will always stop and have a close contact with it. I will keep my eyes on it and enjoy it. I look at its flowers, the bones, the stems and petals. Petals, admire nature's ingenuity, make it bright and tender, fragrant, fragrant, sullen, desperate, can't wait to bring it to the arms, like the beauty of the kiss, can cloud, ... it Just forGrandpa, Grandpa, I am going to see plum..."
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