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Subject: The micro-clouds
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03/07/2019 2:39 AM  
The micro-clouds passed, and the traces of the flying geese were wiped out; the waves of water swayed and the figure of the fish played away []Newport Cigarettes Online[/url].... Once upon a time, what was left in the grassland of the green grass, look at the distance The green seam that is connected into a line is the end of the grassland []Marlboro Menthol Cigarettes[/url]. The air reverberates with a mellow flute, and the shepherd boy holding the stick and the group of white sheep behind him. A string of strings, that is the beauty that nature gives to human beings, a life that makes people linger... Look at the other side, a few young teenagers chasing and running on the grass, tired, and lying down, double curtains drooping The rustling wind blew the spring weeping willows and began to twist, becoming a dancer. The breeze squinted at the little girl's skirt, the small hand held the kite tube, the kite on the other side of the line fluttered in the wind, the face appeared innocently laughing for a long time []Cheap Newport Cigarettes[/url], did not plunge himself into nature, take that The unique nutrients between heaven and earth; how long it took, did not close your eyes and listen to the voice of the world; how long it took, did not freely run on the grassland... Once, past, there are still beautiful bubbles slowly climbing from the ground, tight Then, a string of bubbles rose, through the bubble, I saw myself, and a scene familiar with the scene, passed 16 years, traveled 16 spring and autumn, time lapse, took away the innocence Take away the tenderness and take away the childhood that was once lost. Whose life has no regrets. The bubbles rise one after another, and the memories are broken one by one []Newport Carton[/url]. Once, it has passed away, and there is still left - on the horizon of memories, the rising sun is rising []Newport 100S Carton[/url], and the flowers on the roadside are plated with a golden skirt, which gives a golden dye to the earth full of vitality. I heard that the sun is new every day. Once, what was it? Yesterday is today��s once, today is going to be tomorrow, then, every day of life will be once, in the end, it��s still, we, what should we leave behind? In the yellow flower of the flying man, once it was a small insect that climbed on the leaf. Only after going through it, will it mature and be transformed. The eternal life, but it will also be once, and once used to take away is just a illusion, the rest is eternal
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