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Subject: Time is like
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12/02/2019 12:16 AM  
Time is like water, youth is fragile! That golden childhood, I have not enjoyed that beautiful and happy life, time has brought me into youth! In the morning <a href="">Wholesale Cigarettes</a>, my grandma came back from morning exercises, and I hurried to say hello to my grandma, but my grandma didn't seem to hear her, and went straight to the kitchen to busy her, so I asked my mother: "Mom, why did I say hello to my grandma, but my grandma did not seem to hear Looks like it, ignore me? "Mom said," Grandma is getting older, her hearing is down, and some not too loud sounds are not very clear. When you are as old as grandma, you will be like this. Oh, it turns out that people's hearing will be reduced when they are older. Ah, youth is so good! At noon, Grandpa reads the newspaper with a magnifying glass. The newspaper? Can't you see it without a magnifying glass? Why don't I need a magnifying glass? "Grandpa said with a smile:" Old man, eyes are not good enough, you are still a child <a href="">Marlboro Gold</a>, of course, do not need to use a magnifying glass. " "Oh, it turns out that when people get old <a href=""></a>, their eyes don't work well. Ah, youth is so good! After dinner, while chewing peas, while watching Gulliver's Travels, my father came out of the kitchen, I said, "Dad, come here? "Dad said," No, you can eat. I still have something to do. "I asked in confusion:" How delicious, why not eat it? " Dad replied, "The teeth are gone, they can't bite, and things that are too hard hurt when they bite. "Oh, it turns out that when people reach middle age, their teeth won't work. Ah, youth is so good, youth is so good! Unfortunately, youth is never gone. Let me listen to something good when my hearing has not fallen Words; let me see more useful content when my eyes are good; let me eat more delicious things when my teeth are good, youth is so good, let me grasp every day of youth .<br/>Related articles:<br/> <a href="">NewportCigarettesCoupons</a>
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