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Subject: If life is a river,
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12/02/2019 12:15 AM  
If life is a river, the left bank of the river is an unforgettable memory. At the age of 16, I had an extra listening to memory. Meet each other, some pear flowers "late, late!" Yelled from the corridor, the running pace and pear scent hit the full. Fifty-one identical seats, fifty-one different people, and fifty-one pairs of eyes eager to know each other seemed a bit witty and quiet in this fifty-one classroom. "In a laugh, we all laughed, and the laugh made us know each other. Acquaintances, there are pomegranate flowers open pages of workbooks with ink fragrance, filled with the hearts of teachers to fight the night fight under the lamp. Drinking a cup of hot boiling water, do not understand why the teacher likes to drink black tea so much [url=]Newport 100S[/url], does it contain some emotion? For her sleeplessness in exchange for a class that rejuvenates tomorrow? The student she irrigated with black tea [url=]Cigarettes Online[/url], does she know that on the way to school, the rolling green hills reminded me of the teacher again, with a broad mind to shock the grass-like heart, full of strength to open the fog. Xia still, Lu still, but I am in Xia Guang, because I really know the teacher. It is known that when autumn leaves fall, our eyes are about to be separated. We know each other very well. There are figures of us running on the playground, and words of our talk in the hallway. Everyone lives in my heart. Color-by-color photos record our past memories, holding hands, vowing to never separate, swearing to travel in hand, swearing to count the stars together, even if the season is aground, you can't forget to listen to the soul [url=]Parliament Cigarettes[/url], Listen, the footsteps of youth will continue, flying in this wind, flying in our heart, wrapped in the fragrance of pear flowers, stopping on the pomegranate tree, and falling with the autumn leaves. Delicate as wind, gentle as water, beautiful and picturesque
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