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Subject: e car, you can add a
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08/07/2019 8:41 PM  
When the face is not cold, the willow wind is lightly licking the cheeks. At home, there will always be a dish of wild vegetables from time to time: wild rapeseed with a bitter taste, clear vegetables with a fragrant smell, and unremarkable gray There are some gray vegetables and some wild vegetables that I can't name. They are all the regulars on my table. They moved from the countryside to the Yangmahe factory. Parents always use the time after dinner and holidays to go to the hillside for a walk. The wild vegetables came back to make the dishes on the table. I didn��t want to. After coming to Chengdu, the parents in their 70s still passed through the reinforced concrete ��jungle�� and went back and forth to the large bags of wild vegetables. They said that these were never I have seen pesticides, the most natural and purest organic vegetables, and I saw these fresh and wild vegetables. I remembered the grandmother who passed away at the age of 95. When I lived in the countryside, I had to go through school for a while. On the path, when she had a toothache, let us see the "Shubao" grass on the way to school and bring her back. She ate with green duck eggs and the teeth didn't hurt; sometimes she would say, this I got angry in a few days. When you see the front of the car, you can add a little bit of money to the water and drink it quickly. Sometimes she will say that the little child can't eat anything, get some fish skewers, and melt the sugar to drink. Appetite is just fine... In her eyes, the wild grass on the mountain and on the roadside is both a dish and a medicine. The grandmother who was born in the year of the Revolution of 1911, with three children, experienced too much suffering <a href="">Cigarettes For Sale</a>, and there was a chaos. The fear of time, the hunger and starvation during the natural disaster period, and the untold suffering of illness and lack of money, perhaps because she learned to use all the useful things around her, so she spent the time with the family. One of the difficulties. The "organic dish" that parents have collected may be the inheritance of the grandmother's hard and simple spirit. Whenever we eat the unusual bitterness of wild vegetables, the grandmother always tells us to learn to cherish. She often said that wild vegetables are also a kind of gift from nature. She also told us a story about wild vegetables: a poor scholar in ancient times, accidentally poured a bowl of wild porridge into the toilet, no dirty, no more No odor, subconsciously rushed to eat it by hand, and later this person was admitted to the champion. It is said that God is seeing his thrifty spirit. This matter was heard by a rich family, and he deliberately poured the meal at home. In the toilet, I also learned to pick it up and eat it. As a result, not only did the champion not get tested, but also got a severe punishment for a violent thing... A plate of wild vegetables on the table often reminds us to learn to cherish and cherish the hard-won All these wild vegetables are not only good foods and medicines on the table <a href="">Newport 100S</a>, but also in our hearts, they are also food and medicine. Whenever we walk into the fields and see those wild vegetables that are insignificant, they are always lonely. He grew silently and experienced the test of cruel and severe winter. After he was born, he was often trampled on, but they still had no regrets, no joy because of applause, no inferiority because of no one to value <a href="">Marlboro Lights</a>, and dedicated themselves to the world. A piece of green. They have a bitter taste, it is this kind of bitterness, let us recall the bitter sweetness, "a porridge and a meal, when it is hard to think; half a silk and a half, a constant hard work"The wild vegetables on the table are eaten in our mouth, and the aftertaste is in our hearts.<br/>Related articles:<br/> <a href="">Cigarettes For Sale</a>
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